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Content Creation

A lot has taken place since the discovery of blogs in the Mid 90’s the evolution of blogs has brought about. A lot of business, people and brands have gone into blogging or created their blogs to create awareness to a wider audience and to educate them, the act of blogging creates an avenue for individuals to showcase their skills, creativity and talents, while others it helps in improving their socialization skills., but for business owners they use it to network more customers. In general a blog is a medium of communication, were like minds meet for their personal fulfillment. Blogs are mainly sources for learning, you can’t buy if you don’t have sufficient information about a product or service, blogs are created mainly to educate, inform and research more about that commodity or service you have to offer. the trick behind a good blog is to offer free and educative content without trying to sell to your audience. It is a free service with hidden intentions but good ones. you try to create followership before you expect to gain from them. so is a great content if created well it will be well shared and liked and the more your content is being consumed so will your product and service be.

A lot of factors have to be considered when creating your content; first among them is creating your Content plan, if all business would start with a business plan; then for your content to be successful and go viral you need a plan for it, to craft a content plan you will have to first of all define the purpose you are creating such a content. Your content should be grouped as follows

  • Content for Money
  • Content for leads
  • Content for traffic

Content for Money: Most blogs are created for this purpose, to make money, in creating such a content, money keywords are your core influencers in creating a good blog content.

Content for leads: If your main objective is to create leads then you must create content that will get you more customers and a good content will help in convincing customers that you are really good and you know what you are doing a good content will give u a good followership hence good leads.

Content for Traffic: A good content will always trigger readership, followership and readership of your content, creating good content will generate all this for a business person, people are always dying to consume your content because of the quality it has hence you get your traffic hence the better you get at content creation the more traffic you will generate this is very good for business.

Content planning involves getting a topic or an idea on what to write on. If the purpose of your content is to create leads as mentioned earlier on then you create content that will help you generate those leads. How to create contents that will help you generate those leads is by analyzing your customer behavior knowing what they like will help you create content that is desirable to them. Another thing is following trends; there are lots of news trending entertainment, sports, foreign exchange, gossips etc…. these are trends one can choose to write on based on his audience behavior and likes or the kind of services you render. Great content campaigns are based on understanding who you’re writing for. The more you know about your audience and share their passions, as well as their pains, the easier it will be to engage them on a personal level.

Steps in Creating a Good Content

Research on your topic: For any article you want to produce your first port of call is Google; to check on who have written on what you want to write about, what has being written and your contribution to it. Your main aim and objective is to create a better content than already existing ones on the internet therefore, you have to carry out thorough research on what you want to publish on your blog.

Keywords: most people think that keyword is all about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which is the use of search engines such as yahoo, Google, Wikipedia etc to search for information both consumers, marketers and search engines depends on keywords to use the internet. Without keywords the web will not have any bearing nor direction it will be difficult for people to search and get their exact result neither will marketers have an optimum target market. If you cant develop the right keywords that are optimized for the purpose you are up to then you will be losing out of both traffic and money.

There are lots of applications created for use today for the purpose of researching and generation of these keywords, first among them is the Google Keyword Planner which is basically free for all users you can create a free account with them and begin your research for keywords. For more on how to effectively use Google keyword planner, read How to Use Google Keyword Planner  (Actionable Guide) by Joshua Hardwick or follow this link the search and use of keywords is a school of its own therefore for you to excel in content creation you must watch out for those keywords that will trigger your influencers and make your content go viral. Other good keywords platforms include;

  • SEMrush
  • SmallSEOTools
  • Bing Webmaster
  • Screaming Frog
  • Answer the Public
  • Ahrefs
  • Yoast SEO
  • SERP

All of them are good as Google keyword planner but they also have paid plans so depending on how your budget is you can plan for your Keyword research effectively.  Apart from using these platforms to get, hear and know what people are writing about, you have to be cautious of content clutter, a lot have being penned down on your blog article therefore your ability to manipulate and create a fresh content will require concrete knowledge of keywords for they are they only pieces in the jigsaw to give you a direction to what you are aiming at.

Link your Keywords to your Customers: A good content allows you to build a good relationship with your online community members to position you as an expert and the place to go when they are ready to buy. It must be something so great, so unique that it makes them want to come to your site. Register for it and then tell others just like them to join. We call this the Empowering Concept. Creating a great content will always bring your target audience coming back to you.

Creating an empowering concept means you have done all the research and read all what you have you are good and you what you are doing it is only by you mastering your business and content creation will you have an empowering effect on your audience or community. Here are some few tips for creating that empowering effect on your audience:

  • Follow them up on social media and know what they like and what they are interested in.
  • In social media the best language to use is social language don’t be business like when interacting with you online audience.
  • Know the right place to publish your content and communicate directly to them
  • Test your content to know where, when and what suits to publish and what particular time its best for such content to be published
  • Finally don’t forget to make it interesting and exciting by creating quality content with exciting headlines, striking images and informative language to capture your viewers.
  • It can also be aided by interviewing key members of the market that you want to develop.

Once you are able to understand their goals you will be able to develop that empowering concept on your audience.

Content Segmentation

Segmentation simply involves grouping your audience according to what they like and who they are, its difficult work when you target a wide range of people. Who are not even interested in your services, segmentation will help you to identify the audience interested in your goods and services and how to connect with them more effectively. For this to be effective you must first of all understand them and their choices, this will help you to create and target your content better.

With A/B testing, any company can learn how to optimize their marketing campaigns, better understand their customer base, develop more relevant content, and improve return on investment (ROI). A/B testing is an efficient and cost-effective marketing strategy that bloggers or content creators should take into cognizance for them to create content that is acceptable and have an empowering effect on its audience.

According to Marketo, segmentation is grouped into four (4) which are:

  • Source
  • Behavior
  • Outcome
  • Demographic

Source: You are trying to find out which source led a particular people to your website; could it be through a paid advert or a link on twitter, Facebook, Whatapp, Linkld etc.  Source simply is where your online audience is coming from.

Behaviour: Which actions or what do people do when they are online; for example some people will click on a Call To Action (CTA) when it comes to contribution on jokes and humor but will be silent when it comes to CTA on academic topics

Outcome: Separate people by the products/services they’re interested in or regularly purchase or by the type of event they typically register for. For example, they may attend every webinar your company holds, which suggests that they’re very interested in your product/service, but they may stay away from the networking parties.

Demographic: Separate people by their age, gender, location, or other defining qualities.

A/B Testing best practices include

  • Consult your co-workers
  • Test the entire customer journey
  • Test one-by-one
  • Test incrementally
  • Be realistic
  • Test in full
  • Go with your instinct

The good thing about A/B testing by Marketoo is that it is used for testing virtually everything about the customer journey from their behavior to product to market. For more on this check on the Marketo platform or get more from there site and

A good content is key to whatever purpose one wish to attain but for that content to be effective and trigger the kind of effect one is looking for it needs to undergo a lot of processes starting from its creation. A good content will only go viral if it is built properly putting into consideration basic and essential keywords,  with proper and well organized content, with appropriate meta descriptions, content segmentation, image description, headings and sub-headings all these make up a good content. But it doesn’t stop there content testing will tell you whether that product or content is good or not and it will help you to select the best among them for a particular group of people you are targeting at a particular period of time.

In my next article I will deal with Email Marketing best practices

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